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1 x Fun Farm Doggy Buddy Airwalker Shaped foil balloon (uninflated) Oh and comes with a leash.
Measures approximately 56 cm x 46 cm.

This fun farm Doggy balloon features a red scarf around its neck and a brown patch on his eye.

Take your farm pet buddy for a walk just like the real thing only this one doesn't bark or bite !

1 x Air Walker Farm Doggy shaped foil balloon 56 cm x 46 cm - flat

  • Fill your Buddy with Helium - any florist or party shop can help with this and simply take your buddy for a walk (indoors recommended otherwise it may have a mind of its own and run away on a windy day) 

    Your buddy balloon has specially weighted paws so it keeps it grounded then when it deflates just take it back to the nearest florist or party shop to fill with Helium again. 

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