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To Halloween or not to Halloween

To celebrate Halloween or not to Halloween - That is the question ?

These kids want to Halloween !

I have noticed around our local stores Halloween for 2019 decorations are not as monster as last year and wondered if you and your family will be celebrating Halloween ?


Maybe I am too early with my comments and hooooo knows next week just before Halloween Thursday 31st October we may see a frightening stack of goodies on the shelves. I know for the US Halloween has alway been a really BIG holiday season think (Freddy Kruger helped) but may take a few more years to reach the same volume in Australia.

I have noticed Christmas products and decorations are starting to overflow the shop shelves already and maybe the marketing trick is if you pop into the shops for Halloween you may also get organised and do Christmas shopping too - one way of getting consumers to the local shops !

I personally can't even think about Christmas preparations I feel it is getting way too busy at the shops and I do all my shopping online that way I just have to focus on getting through what gifts to buy for my family and putting up the Tree and decorating it and I can't get distracted from my todo list.

Don't get spooked but 24-7 Party Paks have also reduced our Halloween party range due to our recent move to the new premises and now have to limit what we stock.

Checkout the last of the Halloween items on SALE be quick for a bargain !

Don't be shocked we are offering a 50% discount off all Halloween goodies until sold and of course if you spend $50 and over its free delivery anywhere in Australia.

Now I love celebrating Halloween not because I am trying to sell something but purely from the cute memories of when my Twins were little people and I drove them from house to house around our local neighbourhood to trick or treat. All dressed up in their homemade Halloween costumes (Mummies wrapped in toilet paper lol) they popped into houses that were clearly participating in the Halloween by decorating their front door with spooky decorations. Of course I would watch from the car to ensure they are safe as they filled their noodle boxes with treats and candy. I also think it's a great way and safe activity for kids to have a little fun while being close to all the other little monsters. Parents still need to keep a watchful eyeball out for them. No need to dress up in scary spooky costumes your favourite character is perfect too !

Halloween costumes and dress ups for Trick or Treat

Now my Twins are Tweenies they want to host a scary Halloween party and have gone all out - at least they knew where to shop for their decorations ! This year as I shut the garage on the Tweenies to let them have a little fun I will be prepared with bulk packs of Candy and treats for any neighbourhood zombies and mummies or I am guessing that scary clown from IT will be popular this year.

There is no Public Holiday for Halloween in Australia so the Neighbourhood Trick or Treat usually starts after school in Henley Beach (Adelaide South Australia) and i have to say spooktakular effort goes into costumes and Halloween makeovers. Mum's and Dad's walk the little ones around the block and watch closely as their little monsters scoop up some wicked treats.

If you need some great Halloween party ideas or themed recipes pop over to our Halloween party blog from last year the ideas don't change and perfect for any spooky or scary party.

So will you be celebrating Halloween or Not ?

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