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Let's PAWTEE with a Paw Patrol Party

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

6 little puppies and Ryder say it's time for a Paw Patrol Party - Let's Pawtee !

Amazingly dogs as pets have made a resurgence in our social world again and children just love puppies,dogs and cartoons. This party theme is so easy you can shop online for all your Paw Patrol party supplies and have it delivered. Read on for some fun BOW WOW party ideas how to theme up your doggie party featuring Puppy Paw prints, Doggy bone shapes and of course doggy bags (well party treat bags)

Paw Patrol is one of the most popular character themed party licenses available for kids today ! The short story behind PAW PATROL featuring 6 little brave animated puppy superhero's lead by a 10 year old boy character - Ryder orchestrating rescue missions and constantly captivating audiences from ages 1 - 8 even MUM's and DAD's (I was talking about me too of course).

Buy PAW PATROL PARTY SUPPLIES 24/7 via our online SHOP and we will deliver FREE anywhere in Australia FAST ! Choose from Paw Patrol Invitations, Party Packs - Plates cups napkins and Doggy bags (party loot bags with Paw Patrol fillers), Birthday Banners and party decorations, Cake and Cupcake toppers, birthday candles and more ...

Each pup has a real work role mimicking real people in the workforce - Firefighter, Policeman,Construction worker and more. The Puppies are multiples of mixed breeds and the show educates the importance of helping others in sticky situations and is suitable for both girl and boy viewers.

Coming in 2020 is Paw Patrol LIVE on stage at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre (theaec.net). Check here to find out more and hurry purchase your tickets they will sell out fast !

Buy Tickets to See Paw Patrol LIVE !

Puppy LOVE

Now it's time to Plan a PAWTEE with your favourite Puppy by your side of course

What is a PAWTEE you ask ? It's a Party with a PAW theme or all things themed around paw shapes, puppies and doggies and Paw Patrol characters of course.

PAWTEE party food

We all love hotdogs they remind us of our childhood Carnival days Dagwood dogs or if you are from South Australia they are known as Dippy Dogs.

Hot Dogs are an easy to go party food and Loved by all ! These days if you have fussy eaters or someone doesn't fancy meat you can even buy VEGAN plant-based hotdogs as an alternative.

DIY hot dogs rolled in cornmeal on sticks YUMOLA

We found this recipe you can do at home on justataste.com

Perfect for picnic parties pop in a takeaway box or lunch box

once cooked can be eaten cold with a squeeze sauce or mustard.

Use pastry to wrap around the hotdog and bake if you don't have cornmeal or don't have time to deep fry.


1 (12-oz.) package hot dogs

1/2 cup yellow cornmeal

1/2 cup all-purpose flour

2 Tablespoons sugar

2 teaspoons baking powder (FOLLOW RECIPE - https://www.justataste.com/easy-homemade-mini-corn-dogs-recipe/)

PAWTEE & PAW PATROL birthday cake ideas

A quick solution for a child's birthday cake is a printed character on an edible Icing Image cake topper decoration. Peel off backing sheet and place carefully on top of already iced cake upto 1/2 hour prior to serving.

If serving ice cream cake add the icing image a few moments before serving (careful when placing the image as moisture may make the image ink run) then by the time you have sung Happy Birthday it will be ready to cut.

If your running out of time to bake a cake and need to save some pennies we recommend the Cheesecake shop for a round cake or Costco's cakes. You can add a edible icing image to almost any cake we love this chocolate layered cake just add your icing image. Warning as soon as the cake topper hit's moisture it will start to bend and ply and mould to the cake.

You can choose from a great range of Paw Patrol cake and cupcake toppers or do something totally different and have a Puppy Paw Print cake topper.


PAWTEE decorations & entertainment

Dog Balloon Shape Twisting

Balloon Twisting into dog shapes are a great party decoration and a cool trick to entertain and impress your friends.

We found easy to follow instructions step by step how to twist your balloon shape into a doggy shape via instructables. "Happy Twisting"

Checkout the Paw Patrol party range for party games,mini party toys and more ...

Feel Free to use this Puppy Paw Print and get creative !


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