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Christmas Rush

Updated: Jan 31

Avoid the Christmas Rush and get your child's birthday ordered NOW!

Christmas is coming faster every year or is it just my imagination ?

I feel like I have only just got over Easter ! My children's birthday is January and I always get caught up in the Christmas Rush and then spend little quality time organising their parties and feel a little guilty. Are you feeling the Christmas rush early for 2019 or are you already organised?

To help myself I thought I would also help Mum's to start to thinking about planning their child's birthday party before the crazy Christmas Rush madness and before they get caught up in all the great games of Christmas marketing "distraction" when at the shops. If your child's birthday is in December, January, February or March believe me it comes around sooooo quick so now is the time to get started on the big party plan.

My advice to Mum's is to keep your reindeer blinkers on if you have to pop out to the shops STAY FOCUSED ! I highly recommend to start planning your child's birthday party NOW to avoid disappointment of party orders not arriving on time or perhaps party products being sold out. Shop online in the comfort of your own home via your laptop or mobile phone and order your goodies in early and you can expect your parcel delivery to be FAST and not lost or delayed with all the masses of Christmas craziness deliveries !

A bit of secret detective work - find out your childs fav character

1. Start out by choosing your child's favourite character:

The easiest way to find out what theme or character your kids are mad on is to keep an eye out for various christmas catalogs advertising children's toys for Christmas presents, they will definitely spark interest in your child and help you to find out who is the favourite.

2. Checkout their favourite children's show:

Just listen to how excited they get especially when you change the TV channel onto something boring and they will soon tell which character they love the most.

3. See which character their friends like they usually follow like little sheep:

Find out from other Mum's at School or Kindy and listen out when at the park as your little guys will always act out or pretend to be there favourite superhero or TV character mine is Thor from the Avengers of course.

4. Ask them who is their favourite character derrrrrhhhh !

If you just ask them they will tell you who their favourite character is and don't worry by the time the birthday comes around they would have forgotten the conversation and it will be a nice surprise that you remembered.

Once the hard bit is done you can order online and receive your parcel within a week for most of Australia or if you are a local South Aussie from Adelaide South Australia it should be at your doorstep within 1 day or 2 Yippee. Make sure you brag about our service too #ichoosesa

Keep business local support South Australians

OK now you can "Tick off" PARTY on your TODO list and get back to your Christmas shopping. When it get's closer to the party you will have more time to organise party food and then have some fun with your kids baking and decorating. We can help a little with that too - for inspiration checkout heaps of fun easy themed recipes on 247partypaks pinterest boards.

We also offer printed character cake and cupcake toppers made of icing with totally edible ink all you need is an iced cake bought or premade decorate with icing and pop your edible icing image on the top of the cake.

Follow our easy instructions "how to apply edible icing image cake toppers"

Now as for the Christmas shopping madness I can't help with that but when your child's party comes around you will be totally organized and of course loved by your child and all their friends too. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the party without all the usual mad running around like a headless chook and watch other Mum's look at you with amazement.

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Any comments,tips and tricks how to be organised during the Christmas rush ?

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