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4 fun halloween party game ideas for Witches with brew and a ghost named BOO !

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

It’s almost October and it’s a good time to start planning your spooky Halloween party theme!

By now you may notice the shops are filling up their shelves with fun Halloween themed party lollies and candy - eyeballs, wobbly body parts, vampire teeth, gummy mummies, ghostly gumdrops, snakes and sour worms. 

To make the faux Witches Brew all you need is the mini black cauldrons you can buy online from our halloween party page they are a great way to spruce up your party sweets table. Just add green jelly (follow the jello packet instructions) add some lolly snakes or sour worms for decorations hanging out of the cauldrons.

The large black cauldrons are great for the neighbourhood zombie walk as they hold loads of loot and include a handle providing you can get the kids out of their PJ's and out of their rooms and off their mobiles phones and game consoles! Actually teens are the best Zombies as they usually have that pastey white look from being a sloth !

If your finding it hard to get to the shops that's where we want to help you !

24-7 Party Paks delivers Australia Wide "anywhere anytime"

Send us your Halloween party shopping list and we will try to tick off some of the items for you, we'll send you an invoice for the items plus shipping, once paid, you can have it delivered anywhere in Australia or collect by appointment of course and before you know it ding dong the witch is here !

Great party food ideas are to serve up some mini hot dog fingers (just carve a pointy finger nail in the top of your hot dog) pop in bread they will think its a witches finger then use your mini cauldrons to dip into sauce or wrap some pastry around a mini dog and bake for a mini mummy treat !

Of course nothing beats all that hard spooky scary walk around the block with a little treat like these 

Halloween themed ghost frozen Boo-nana's on icecream sticks

Frozen bananas sliced in 1/2's dipped in white chocolate with choccy bits as the ghost eyes on an icecream stick.....yumola

(credit to skinnytaste.com)

OK now while dragging your feet around the neighbourhood (as zombies do) or with your Mummy driving around the block you will need to keep a LOOK OUT for signs in the garden they are a hint that the house offers Trick or Treats on the Halloween celebration day 31st October.

Our friendly neighbourhood in Henley Beach, South Australia is a great community to walk around and the local Henley Square "Henley Pavillion" shopping complex has a fun Halloween event TRICK or TREAT TRAIL from 3.30 - 5.30 pm Wednesday 31st October 2019. 

Find out more http://www.henleysquarepavilion.com.au/tag/halloween-trick-or-treat/

Make your 1st stop

24-7 Party Paks (364 Seaview Road, Henley Beach)

its on the way - you will see our ZOMBIES KEEP OUT Sign in our garden next to the big Palm tree !

Ring the bell if you dare don't worry we won't scare

just a BOOOOOO or two !

Grab your 1st Halloween treat or a few (sorry we don't do tricks) LOL and then be on your way ! Then keep walking towards the Shopping centre and follow the pumpkin trail to find the fun event.

Parents or Guardians should always stay close by to check in and its always advisable to take an adult along on your neighbourhood trawl to keep things safe. 

Don’t get scared remember your costume will scare them too but watch out for the party tricks. There’s always one kid who wants to do a trick instead of a treat so be prepared to put on a magic show or ask them for a trick.

4 fun halloween party game ideas

  • Apple bobbing - place apples in a bucket of water and get your guests to try and grab the apples with just their mouth and hands behind their back (adult supervision required not recommended for younger children)

  • Witch Hunt - basically its a game of chasey, pick one person to be the witch and chase them around until you catch them then its their turn. Play as long as you like Mums say all day boohooohahaha !

  • Spooky ghost stories - lots of scary faces and spooky expressions while holding a torch under your chin of course with the lights out telling your favourite ghostly haunted house story make it up as you go. Make sure you call out BOOOoooOOOooo and ask other parents to make a bang or a noise or open a squeaky door for effects maybe even call out one of the kids names.

  • Pumpkin game pass the inflatable pumpkin to the music (someone has to stop the music every now and then.  It's just like musical chairs only passing a pumpkin person who ends up with the pumpkin is out !

Now about the Ghost BOO ! we don't want to scare you but BOO!

In our Emoji range we have a Ghost Face Foil Balloon called BOO and you can use Boo to create a balloon tower and pop on the top or use this round balloon to create a unique halloween centrepiece in a noodle box as it has Boo's surprised face on one side and #BOO on the other side.  It arrives flat packed but can be filled with Air or Helium add a couple more balloons like white or black stars for a great entrance decoration.

A fun Spook-tacular idea for littlies is to have a haunted house party with lots of ghostly guests. It’s One of the oldest Halloween party theme ideas and cheapest ! 

Ghosts - a Lost soul who hasn't crossed over

When we were kids we used to just grab one of Mum’s white sheets cut a couple of holes for eyes so we could see and pop it on to cover our bodies and walk around saying Boooooo in a whaling voice while hiding behind a door or under a bed ! 

It was cheap fun but these days you don’t have to ruin Mums sheets you can buy so many Halloween party hanging decorations follow our link and shop online for a great range of spooky party deco's. 

Spiders Big black scary hairy 8 legged things !

Decorate your party room with faux spiderwebs and plenty of them this usually sets a Haunted House scene. Faux spiderwebs can stretch pretty far so you only need a couple of packs for a great effect. Stretch over corners of doorways and over curtain rods and of course over prop candlesticks (warning don't light the candles). 

Martha Stewart how to decorate with spiderwebs

Fun activities for toddlers and preschoolers are making spiders out of pipe cleaners and cute DIY spiderwebs with just a couple of icecream sticks and some knitting wool !

You could also create an edible spiderweb with fairy floss !

So finally after all your planning and shopping online for Halloween party decorations and dressing up in your spookiest Halloween costume, decorating your Haunted House, walking the Zombie neighbourhood walk, scooping all your Trick and Treats, having a wonderful time playing Halloween party games and listening to lots of spooky ghost stories we think you will sleep for days - well at least until your Mummy wakes you again !!!

Hope you enjoyed the Halloween party ideas blog from your friendliest local Witch

Sandy Andreopoulos

24-7 Party Paks

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