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LOVE YOU DAD ! our Father's Day Blog

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

How cute are these T-Shirts - great Father's Day gift idea ?

( buy online https://executees.net/products/this-kids-dad-or-mom-t-shirt )

Father’s Day always lands on the first Sunday in September - this year it’s Sunday 2nd September 2018 !

Dads, new Father’s, Grandfathers, Step Father’s and even Father figures celebrate this day with their families to remind them how important their presence is in our children’s lives ! It’s a great day to remember those Fathers we have lost along the way and to enjoy the fabulous memories not to mention the bad Daddy jokes ! LOVE YOU DAD

What we think when we hear the word DAD ?

CUDDLY, LOVING, COOL, MENTOR, TEACHER, FIXIT MEN, HARDWORKING, PROTECTIVE, GENEROUS, PATIENT, KIND, SMELLY, STRONG, and not to mention they cook great Pancakes on Sunday's think that sums up a Dad !

Dad's normally LOVE to cook brekky on Sunday so why not surprise him with afternoon tea ! A Cupcake or 2 with and edible icing image cupcake toppers - sheet of 15 $9.95 just bake a cupcake decorate with icing and peel of an icing topper and place on cupcake.

Choose one of the following special cupcake designs to give to DAD:-


  • # 1 DAD

  • Rad Dad

  • World's Best DAD

  • Best DAD eva

  • Papa Bear

  • Daddy Cool

  • Hardworking DAD

  • Strong DAD

  • Bat DAD

  • No #1

  • DAD

  • Trophy DAD

  • Superhero DAD

  • Fixit DAD

If DAD loves FISHING he will love this cute little Fishy themed Cake Plaque with Happy Father's Day wording just buy his favorite cheesecake or Fruit Flan from the Cheescake Shop just add this cute fishy themed Happy Fathers Day cake plaque.

Is your DAD your Superhero ?

Tell him and surprise him with a Superhero balloon or a Star Wars YOU ARE MY FATHER balloon. The team @ 24-7 Party Paks are offering FREE delivery for our Father's Day products until Father’s Day 2nd September 2018 !

One last thing here are some Daddy Jokes just in case you want to beat your Father at his own game !

What time is your appointment at the dentist ? 2:30 Tooth hurt-y.
A Ham sandwich walks into a bar ! Barman says we don't serve food here

2 peanuts walking down the road ! One was a - salted


more DAD jokes on buzzfeed https://www.buzzfeed.com/mikespohr/29-dad-jokes-that-are-so-bad-their-actually-good

LASTLY Happy Father's Day miss you DAD - Best Dad eva !

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