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Valentines Day balloons & party decorations LOVE is FREE

Valentines Day is a day celebrated 14th February by sweethearts all over the world who show their LOVE !

This year Valentines Day 2018 falls on a Wednesday.

What to do on Valentines Day ?

  • a romantic dinner for 2

  • share a sweet treat in the shape of a heart

  • a picnic at the beach for 2

  • a ride on the Gondola - Adelaide Riverbank

  • buy balloons and decorate

  • buy flowers and send

  • LOVE platter Strawberries & Bananas in chocolate feed each other

  • a little Love message in a lunchbox.

The trend to celebrate Valentine's Day is growing every year but the cost of showing your LOVE and affection is still FREE ! However we all tend to fall into the masses of Valentines Day marketing out there and well lots of us want to be reminded we are special and spoilt with a surprise or 2 or 3 !

The team at 247partypaks LOVE to party at home and usually prepare a platter with strawberries and melted chocolate as a special treat to share with the kids. We decorate with Valentines Day balloons and banners and wait to surprise Dad. Some years we celebrate DATE night and enjoy a nice meal out on the town in Adelaide or at one of our local restaurants in Henley Beach of course that depends if its a soccer or netball night for our children.

Checkout the guide GLAM ADELAIDE for the best way to spend Valentines Day in Adelaide

I have told the kids to show DAD my Pinterest Board for lots of Valentines Ideas to surprise me with - Pandora, Flowers or dinner are a few hints like most stay at home Mums we just want to be spoilt.

Some lucky people get flowers all the time and as much as I don't expect them I do look forward to a sweet surprise from our local Minnow on Seaview especially when Simon delivers hint hint it also depends on our family budget for the year !

I LOVE the sweet smell of roses and they seem to last a lot longer if I keep changing the water and cutting the stems. I also LOVE Valentines Day balloons as they really LAST it seems like forever, these days some foil balloons can even be refilled.

24-7 Party Paks Valentines Day Balloons in stock are flat not inflated so just fill with air and stick to a chair, the car or wall or window to surprise that special someone. Alternatively you could pop into most local florists or party shops to get your balloons filled with helium by a professional.

Most designs you see on other websites that tickle your fancy can be ordered in specially as there are soooo many Valentines Day balloon designs to choose from. Just jot us an email and we can add to your kids birthday party supplies for your order online & surprise your love one too !

Valentines Balloons come in all shapes and sizes - Heart Shaped, red balloons, pink balloons, Love letter balloons, foil balloon shapes - teddies emoji and the list goes on. If you are having an event we would love to quote you with your party planning - contact us to chat about your party ideas and ordering larger quantities !

Sandy Andreopoulos - Chief Balloon Bloweruppera @247partypaks


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