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Soccer Party Ideas to score a GOAL !

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

My idea of a Soccer party is party in the park !

The weather in Adelaide can be quite gruelling and when you see a a peek of sunshine forecast for the weekend it's time to plan an outdoor party in the park so your guests can knock themselves out especially boys !

What about a Soccer ⚽️ themed party with a giant soccer ball to keep the little "tikes" busy and entertained ! Found this Giant inflatable soccer ball on EBAY go ahead know yourself out lol !

How much fun would this be and even the parents can join in !

Or what about bubble soccer check it out hire available in all states (Australia) great for corporate parties, kids party or school sports teams !

Next Here is your list for a fun no fuss party in the park assuming you have already told everybody when and were !

  • Plates,cups and napkins

  • kids party food and energy drinks

  • birthday cake or cupcakes

  • mini trophies or medals to take home or party loot bags

See no fuss !

Next setup your tressle table under a tree just in case there is a change of weather !

Use one of our fun grass lookalike plastic tablecovers or plain coloured lime, red, blue or black whatever your team colours are. When your done you can scoop everything up grab each corner and dispose easily in the bin !

Remember Keep your park tidy !

Prepare your napkins by placing in between each plate so the wind doesn't blow them away and makes it easy for each guest to grab that way no hold up in the line when you are trying to feed your team !

Plastic disposable cups are a great idea. We recommend putting team numbers or player names on with a black permanent marker so everyone has their own cup !

Party food

KISS method for the party food "keep it simple stupid"

Remember it's an outdoors party so minimum amount of food minimum amount of fuss !

HOTDOGS and ENERGY drinks or water that's it !

Kids fav party food - Hot Dogs

Powerade drinks to help score a GOAL

Don't worry they will burn it all off

Birthday cake or cupcakes 🎂

Now it's time organise the birthday cake or cupcakes !

Buy or make a rectangle cake decorate with icing then add one these totally edible icing image Soccer pitch cake topper. Decorate your soccer pitch with this winning team of mini soccer player figurines and set of goals cake decorating kit pitcured below.

If it's not a birthday party you can do cupcakes with our edible icing images select from a soccer ball theme or your favourite soccer team of course ours is the Adelaide United Soccer football club - South Australia

Of course we can print up your favourite team's logo too ! These are $16.95 per 15 a sheet ajust send us a high quality photo .jpg file and we will load it up for you !

This is our local amateur soccer club Fulham United of course it's a good idea to get permission so you don't upset anyone - We have used these cupcakes as fundraisers on family days !

So if you need any more soccer party themed products feel free to browse the online shop (delivery within 1-2 days anywhere in Australia and delivery is FREE $75 and over)

24-7 Party Paks soccer party

Only one more thing to remember for your party HAVE FUN and SCORE A GOAL !

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