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G'Day Mates (that's Aussie Slang for HELLO)

The team at 24-7 Party Paks are preparing for our Australia Day celebrations on January 26th and we have asked our family and friends to contribute to what makes a BONZER (that's Aussie slang for the BEST) Australia Day Party OR Aussie BBQ.

So here are 6 tips to celebrate Australia Day in True Aussie style with little fuss and no stress.

Tip 1 - Planning your BBQ and Australian themed party food

Every Aussie loves a BBQ or Barbie and it's a quick and cheap way to feed a whole tribe. Here you will find a list of things we will be serving on Australia Day for our tribes. Don't forget to decorate your food platters with lots of mini Aussie Flag food picks available from our Australia Day party supplies page a great way to dress up your food on your party table and they are only $2 for a pack of 10 - caterers pack available too !

List of food ideas to cook on the BBQ -

  • sausage sizzle with bangers and dead 'orse (Aussie Slang for sausages and Tomato Sauce)

  • shrimps on skewers (that's Aussie Slang for Prawns)

  • Sliders mini hamburgers

List of other savoury Aussie party food ideas -

  • mini party pies

  • vegemite scrolls

  • fritz and sauce sangers (that's Aussie Slang for sandwiches)

List of Aussie sweet treats -

  • Australian flag themed cake toppers or cupcake toppers

just bake an A4 sized rectangle cake and plonk a Australian Flag printed edible icing image on top for a quick solution for sweets

  • mini pavs (that's Aussie slang for Pavlova's)

You know the Kiwi's (New Zealanders) try to claim Pavlova's as their own every True Blue Aussie party loves a Pav (Pavlova).

You can decorate with our silly fun mini plastic flies for a joke on your guests (it wouldn't be the same without annoying pesty flies at your BBQ)

also see our secret to a perfect pavlova everytime

White wings Pavlova magic

Tip 2 - Decorating your Aussie themed Tabletop

Decorate your tabletop with Australian Flag themed partyware we can help you with these items !

Just pop over to our Australia Day party supplies page

You will need -

  • Aussie plastic tablecover - Red or Blue or Australian Flag theme print. That way when the party is over you can grab each corner of the tablecover and tie it up with all your partying mess in the middle and dispose in one big heap !

  • Aussie Flag themed disposable plates, cups, napkins and matching red or blue plastic disposable cutlery you can wrap your cutlery for a professional caterers touch !

  • Aussie Balloon table centrepieces - create a centrepiece using Australian Flag print themed party foil balloons fill with helium and tie with a weight or create a spiffy (that's Aussie slang for cool) centrepiece with a noodle box and florist foam and decorate with lots of mini Aussie Flags

Tip 3 - Decorating your Aussie backyard or Barn

Fill your party room with loads of Aussie themed items leftovers from other parties and just about anything bad taste will do !

  • Decorate your party room with Red and Blue or Australian Flag printed balloons fill with helium tie ribbon and pop corks on the bottom of the ribbon for balloon weights.

  • Decorate with giant inflatable kangaroos, thongs and Aussie beach balls you can usually get from the local Bargain $2 Shop

  • create a DIY garland by hanging empty Victorian Bitter beer cans, Australian Flags or Thongs

Tip 4 - Dress-up like an Aussie

Create your own DIY affordable costume with these fun items and ideas from around the home or support your local thrift shop or grab a bargain from your local $2 shop

  • Silly Aussie Red and Blue or Yellow and Green coloured wigs and fun giant glasses

  • White Zinc cream (sun blockout) on your nose

  • Towelling hat or a straw hat with hanging corks to keep the flies away

  • Tie a GIANT Aussie Flag around your waist as a skirt or Apron

  • finish off with Aussie Thongs on your feet

Tip 5 - Goodies for your guests to take home

To say thankyou for coming to your special day give your guests a take home plastic noodle box (available in red or blue) fill it with leftovers from your BBQ. Other fun ideas for your party box fillers -

  • Aussie party blowers

  • mini pack of Tim Tams

  • mini Boomerang

  • uninflated Aussie beach ball

  • Aussie themed pencils

  • great mates rubber wristband

Tip 6 - Learn the Aussie Slang Lingo

Give your guests a surprise when you talk just like an Aussie. Aussies seem to shorten every name and word or tend to give nick-names for almost everything !

Have some fun learning AUSSIE words and terms from these sites



**we are not associated with these sites but think they could help**

Choose from one of our fav BBQ Slang words for your invitations

  • Barbie - Barbecue

  • Cozzie - Bathers for Swimming

  • Bash - Party

  • Cobber - Friend

  • Pav - Pavlova

  • Prezzy - Gift

  • Arvo - Afternoon

  • Fav - favourite

  • Bonzer - great

  • Banger - Sausage

Well we hope that arms you with all the tools for the best backyard Aussie party or Aussie barbie ! Checkout our Pinterest page for some extra fun ideas on your Australian Day OR pop over to the Official Australia Day website to see whats on in your neck of the woods (or AUSTRALIAN STATE) for January 26th Australia Day.

Feel free to leave comments we are happy to help making your Party a Bonzer one !

OI OI OI (Aussie slang for Aussie cheer or celebration shout)


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