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St Patricks Day - The Lucky Leprechaun Party theme

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Top of the morning to yah !

St Patricks's Day falls on a Sunday 17th March for 2019 so there will be lots of Green cheer this year ! St Patrick's Day (also known as St Paddy's Day) parties and celebrations are a great way to keep fun Irish traditions alive here in Australia.

It was believed that there was wee Fairy Folk living in the forests of Ireland and they wore green so as not to be seen ! The Story has it that a Leprachaun (a wee fairy folk) was said to be hiding a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow.

Traditionally on St Patrick's Day the Irish still believe a 4 leaf clover

to be a lucky charm as well as a horse shoe - remember to hold your horseshoe upside down (opening upwards) so your luck doesn't run

out !

The team at 24-7 Party Paks has put together a list of ideas for a kids Irish Lucky Party going green !

Things you will need:-

  • 4 leaf clovers - think my Mum used to tell me to look for these in the garden !

  • Old horseshoe and paint it gold

  • table centrepieces - pot of gold - black cauldrons (spray paint them green) filled with bulk treasure chocolate coins

  • rainbow coloured sour fruit strap lollies or bright coloured licorice for rainbow cupcake decorations

  • Download a Colouring page Activity - Draw a Leprechaun face and more from crayola.com.au

  • Of course green balloons, green streamers, green glitter, green star scatters for the party table and any other green themed party decorations

  • party game can be a lucky dip for boys or girls

  • party dancing learn how to do the Riverdance

  • party music I'm on my way to Happiness featured on the Shrek Movie

  • lime green noodle boxes for party loot from the candy buffet or take home cake for your guests.

  • party costumes - anything green, stripey socks, orange beards, green top hats and DIY Buckle craft

Party Food ideas:-

  • green grapes

  • green cucumber snacks

  • green jelly cups

  • mint leaves sweet treat - roll out with a rolling pin and cut into mini clovers

  • green mexican tortilla roll ups

  • 4 leaf clover chips - and advocado dip

  • Sprite Lemonade drink - just add a touch of green colouring and a spotty straw

  • gold coins for your pot of gold

  • green iced cakes or cupcakes add an edible icing image cake topper printed with St patrick's day theme

You can pretty much add green food colouring to almost everything but remember only a drop at first, you can always add more that way if needed.

As St Patrick's Day falls on a Saturday you could entertain with our party ideas for a Sunday party bash or make it an after sports for a wee little fun.

Be Irish for a Day !

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